Thursday, March 28, 2013

Omreport doesn't update disk rebuild progress

Had to replace a hard drive on a Dell Server and omreport rebuild progress got stuck at 1%.

The solution is to restart the srvadmin service :

 # restart  

This is quite dirty but it's the only solution I found. This also happened when I changed a PERC H700 battery.

Another way to check the rebuild process is to export log with omconfig :

 # omconfig storage controller action=exportlog controller=0  

This creates a /var/log/lsi_MMDD.log file, with the rebuild progress :

 03/09/13 22:07:51: EVT#13296-03/09/13 22:07:51: 99=Rebuild complete on VD 01/1  
 03/09/13 22:07:51: EVT#13297-03/09/13 22:07:51: 100=Rebuild complete on PD 05(e0x20/s5)  
 03/09/13 22:07:51: EVT#13298-03/09/13 22:07:51: 114=State change on PD 05(e0x20/s5) from REBUILD(14) to ONLINE(18)  
 03/09/13 22:07:51: EVT#13299-03/09/13 22:07:51: 81=State change on VD 01/1 from DEGRADED(2) to OPTIMAL(3)  
 03/09/13 22:07:51: EVT#13300-03/09/13 22:07:51: 249=VD 01/1 is now OPTIMAL  

Same thing for the battery learn cycle.

Hope that helps !

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dell Openmanage/Omreport failed after updating to CentOS 6.4

After updating a testing machine from CentOS 6.3 to 6.4, the Dell OpenManage tools stopped working AT ALL.
It seems that with the lastest CentOS kernel (2.6.32-358.2.1.el6.x86_64), they moved away some IPMI drivers from kernel modules to "built-in"

The result is :

 # omreport chassis  
 # start  
 Starting Systems Management Device Drivers:  
 Starting dell_rbu:                     [ OK ]  
 Starting ipmi driver:                   [FAILED]  
 Starting Systems Management Device Drivers:  
 Starting dell_rbu: Already started             [ OK ]  
 Starting ipmi driver:                   [FAILED]  
 Starting DSM SA Shared Services:              [ OK ]  
 /var/log/messages reports :   
 instsvcdrv: /etc/rc.d/init.d//dsm_sa_ipmi start command failed with status 1  

Solution : 

 # yum install OpenIPMI  

Note : There is no need to start or chkconfig the service.

You can check that the IPMI components are seen with the following command :

 # service ipmi status  
 ipmi_msghandler module in kernel.  
 ipmi_si module in kernel.  
 ipmi_devintf module loaded.  
 /dev/ipmi0 exists.  

Then start Openmanager services :
 # start