Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Omreport fails : object not found

If you get the following message while using omreport :
 $ omreport chassis memory  
 Memory Information  
 Error : Memory object not found  
 $ omreport chassis hwperformance  
 Error! No Hardware Peformance probes found on this system.  

The first thing to do is to restart the srvadmin services :
 # restart  
 # service ipmi restart  

Check that the services are properly started.

If that doesn't solve the problem, you might have a semaphore issue. In my case Zabbix agent/scripts became nuts and didn't close its semaphores.

To list the current semaphore's arrays use the following command :
 # ipcs -s  

To show the current system limits
 # ipcs -sl  

You can use the following command to count the current number of semaphore's arrays
 # ipcs -us  

If you reached the system limit, it will certainly explain the omreport issue. From now on, you have two possibilities :

  • You've reached the limit because there is an issue on your system (semaphores not closed or whatever reason). You need to cleanup your semaphores with the following command :
 # ipcrm -s semaphore_id  
 To clean all semaphores from a particular user :  
 # ipcs -s | awk '/username/ {system("ipcrm -s" $2)}'   

Important : You need to stop attached process before removing the semaphores.
  • All your semaphores are legit, you need to increase the system limits :

Hope that helps !

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