Monday, July 8, 2013

Dell DRAC Console/KVM with Chrome or Firefox

Here is a really simple trick to access to your DRAC remote console (i.e virtual KVM) with Chrome or firefox.
This trick has been tested with DRAC 5,6 and 7 only.

Requirement : You need to have a working JRE

  • Log in to your DRAC Web interface, go to "System -> Console Media"
  • Clic on "Launch Virtual Console"
  • The browser will ask you to open or save a file, save it on your Hard Drive
  • The downloaded file has the form "viewer.jnlp(x.x.x.x@x@idrac-xxxxxxx,+xxxxxxxxx,+User-xxxxx@xxxxxxxxx)"
  • Rename the file "viewer.jnlp" (i.e remove the garbage data after the extension)
  • Double clic on the file and you're done.

Really easy but so handy !

Hope that helps

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